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"Drip is melting our ice caps" 


We hear it, drip or drown but what if whilst you're dripping you are drowning? Authenticity is the coldest thing in the world, and by that measure, following the same drip is the opposite of cold, you're melting the ice.


This T-shrirt encapsulates a silhouette of the quintessential drip merchant, bussdown on deck, enough jewels to fill a museum and the cazel shades to match.. at least 2k likes on insagram.. steady. 


However, this figure is melting the ice caps and causing global warming. A metaphor, as the global warming represents a large majority of people emulating the same standard of drip, and thus warming the temperature of the globe. Stop global warming and get cold, This T-shirt reverses the drip culture with its cool blue hues, find your authenticity and always keep it icy. Being warm is for pussys, literally.