The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

This edition draws upon an Afrofuturist theme detailed by the luminous braids of an unknown character whose essence is wrapped around a bold fiery circle that captures the personification of bravery; a lion.

This feature is intended to reveal the importance of courage when one is defining the roadmap of their deepest passions. It is the brightest part of the image because it is a signal to always the light regardless of the hurdles that may occur on ones journey.

Within the nucleus of the character is a blood-like substance that drips down into an abandoned city. In this picture the city represents flesh like desires and a world full of broken spirits and unfulfilled dreams. The blood dripping down into this lifeless environment is the sacrifice that must be made by this incognito character in order to attain the highest level of spiritual actualisation. The mundane city must be abandoned to reach the apex of greatness.

In essence the character can be anybody with a dream, search for the light, sacrifice carnal desires and chase your dreams at all costs.