After months of planning the first collection is finally launched! The Sincerely journey starts with a collaboration with freelance model and co-founder Jae.

For the first piece we decided to go for a striking visual look, evidenced by the purple double stitching which can be seen from a mile off. This conspicuous theme runs throughout the hoodie and emphasises the boldness of both the garment and its eponymous artist Jae.

From the direction of the creative director, the shoot took place in Thamesmead- South East London. A location that was selected to represent the humble beginnings of the co-founders having spent early adolescence in Deptford and Lewisham respectively. Thamesmead offered a rawness and authenticity that Sincerely has been birthed from, the grungy grey walls and dented street signs conjure an enigmatic beauty. One that can't be manufactured by gentrification or superficial ideals, it is just real.

The juxtaposition of the theme of Thamesmead and the colourful motif of the hoodie combined to create a marvellous spectacle. It's fluency lies in the fact that despite the contrast of the two themes, neither dominated the limelight as each aspect was dependant on the other for a beautiful finish.

The 3 models, June, Abigail and Dom each contributed a uniqueness that couldn't have synchronised any better than 3 Spanish midfielders. They brought the garments to life with their own personalities which shone through the lens.

After months of planning, the hoodie is finally launched! Credit to everyone thats been involved with the first design, there will be many more to come. Stay tuned!