The fashion industry is documented as contributing 10% of  global carbon dioxide emissions accurate as of 2020. The team at Sincerely are aware of these grave dangers and realise that the industry can not continue to flourish in this manner.

As a result we’ve pledged to take a socially conscious stance on the way we manufacture our products. Organic cotton is used as this consumes less water than customary cotton adopted for years within the industry.

Furthermore, all of our products are made from 100% of the same material which means that all products can be recycled after their lifespan. Typically the merge of various materials means that garments can’t be recycled wholly and are thus burned releasing more carbon dioxide into the environment. At Sincerely we understand our role to maintain the longevity of the planet, and this can only be achieved by actively taking a stance on the products we offer our customers. For any questions on our manufacturing procedures/ plans please feel free to contact us.


How Sustainability is Becoming a Key Ingredient in Fashion Brands' Promise  to Consumers - Level5 Strategy