Customer Care

Like any industry in the world, Sincerely is dedicated to continuous improvement. An unparalleled drive to perpetually evolve our ideas and services fuels the mentality of everyone operating within the Art House. Year after year, we vow to continually push boundaries and challenge outdated ideologies, that is our mission as a thought-leader. Not to proliferate the status quo, but to dismantle it brick by brick and create an alternate space fit for open-minded beings.


Caring for our customers is another aspect of Sincerely that is dealt with upmost importance. This includes elements such as the durability of clothing, method of packaging and correspondence from order to delivery. Excellence is the minimum standard throughout the Art House, we demand from ourselves absolute attention to detail and endeavour this obsession to permeate into our product(s). The Art House is founded by a group of millennials who possess a a wide range of experiences with many brands; this knowledge complied grants us an aptitude for understanding our community and going the extra mile to ensure they receive above and beyond what they expect. 


The product journey is transparent from beginning to end as evidenced through our ‘Memoir’ Page created to both inspire future creators and inform our community of the stages taken to produce their product (s). Our community is our first priority, Sincerely exists to serve the imagination of creatives everywhere. This platform is as much yours as it is ours.