How do Freelancers benefit from collaborating with Sincerely?

Sincerely operate transparently, which means we don’t have a problem with sharing knowledge with our audience. In the monthly collaborations with freelancers Sincerely bankrolls the entire creative process, from procuring products to shooting the set. The freelancer then has autonomy to dictate how they’d like the campaign to be broadcast or who they’d like to model it. After both parties have come to an agreement on the creative set up, the product is brought to the customer!

Freelancers earn 10% of the profits raised from the project as well as strong exposure directing a new audience to their work.

How can I collaborate with Sincerely?

Sincerely are open to collaborations with anyone from any country, the further the better! Our team love to learn about new cultures and create new experiences along the way. Ordinarily, we have a talent scout that surveys anything from social media pages to art galleries to seek work they like the look of. From there we will reach out to the freelancers to find out whether they’d be on board for the project. Alternatively, anyone can contact us and attach their portfolio so we can determine whether its something we can collaborate with. We can’t promise that we will get back to everyone that reaches out but you have a better chance than waiting for our talent scout to spot you out.

What kind of freelancers does Sincerely collaborate with?

Sincerely collaborate with models, photographers, graphic designers and many more. Art is not limited to a singular medium, if Sincerely appreciate the rhythm of your craft we will recognise it and approach you.