Technology Focused

NFT's stand for non-fungible tokens, which are digital assets that exist on a blockchain. Once a user buys one they own this asset forever, pretty cool!

Sincerely are closely alligned with all developments in technology, as we believe technology has a massive influence on attitudes and beliefs.

All of our designs, starting from the collaboration with Jammer will be listed on the blockchain, giving you the chance to own a piece of history! There will only ever be one of each design minted, giving the buyer a truly unique flex.

Watch the space as we continue to experiment with cutting edge technology!

One Planet Earth

As a brand, we firmly understand the importance of sustainability in order to mitigate damaging effects on the environment. Therefore, we have taken the effort to ensure all of our products are produced in the most ethically responsible way possible. This includes using 100% cotton or organic cotton for our products. All garments that are produced from 100% of the same material can be recycled with ease, thus reducing the release of carbon into the environment. Furthermore, we are striving to use 'greener' materials such as bamboo and hemp wherever possible to further our efforts in helping the environment.